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Our new Vision and Mission

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Glanville Vision

The start of a new year, indeed a new decade, is a good time to make plans for the future. It is after all, the very reason that people make New Year’s resolutions. Here at Glanville, we used the latter part of 2019 to develop our Vision, Mission and Values to take the company forwards in 2020 and beyond.

With a successful Management Buy Out to kick-off the New Year with a bang, the new ownership team has exciting and ambitious plans to drive the organisation over the next decade and having a Vision, Mission and Values will help guide the decision making.


The process started by reviewing where we are now and took us right back to the basics of who Glanville is and why it exists. Glanville was established by John Glanville almost 50 years ago to provide Civil and Structural Engineering design services. Since then we have grown progressively, adding expertise in Geomatics, Building Surveying, Highways and Transport Planning to our portfolio of services.

We then looked at where we want to go, which was the first step in defining our Vision or guiding light. The Glanville Vision statement is an aspirational description of what Glanville would like to achieve in the long-term future. It is intended to act as a ‘North Star’ or guiding light to help make decisions about company services and markets and to help bring the workforce together with alignment and purpose.

With that in mind, the Vision succinctly conveys the key markers of success that were identified by the Directors:

> A strong reputation for technical expertise and quality of delivery

> Improved profitability

> A stronger client base

> Recruiting and retaining a talented and motivated workforce

At the end of the process we agreed that Glanville’s Vision should be:

To be the engineering, design & surveying consultancy clients think of first and our employees are proud to be part of.


So, knowing where we are and where we would like to go, we set about defining our Mission, or core purpose.

If the Vision is the destination then the Mission is like Google Maps, but they both help focus and guide decisions. Not only do they bring everyone in the business onto the same page, but a Vision and Mission provide a framework within which to work.

The Vision is aspirational but a Mission statement is much more practical. It defines how Glanville intends to work towards the Vision by answering questions like ‘What do we do? How do we do it? What makes us different?’.

The Glanville Mission statement reflects the strengths of the organisation:

> Flexibility and agility

> A strong reputation for technical expertise and quality of service

> The use of latest technology

> Work on big projects for the size of organisation

At Glanville, our Mission is:

To work collaboratively with professional teams to create long lasting relationships built on value and trust. Investment in our talented team fosters creative thinking, technical expertise and commitment to excellence.

Embedded into Glanville

The Vision and Mission will guide us and help us to grow as we move into the new decade and beyond. We will embed them into our working practices across everything we do, reflecting the way we engage with our clients and other professionals.