Structural Engineering

Glanville works closely with clients and architects to provide innovative and economic structural design solutions for all types of building projects, from refurbishment and conversion schemes to new-build, as well as highway structures such as bridges and retaining walls.

Supported by sophisticated computer analysis and a wealth of experience, our structural engineers are able to design using traditional construction materials as well as adopt inventive and sustainable approaches using modern materials and construction methods. The choice of materials and construction technique can be heavily influenced by the environment, so our solutions take account of their surroundings and adjacent buildings.

Our projects vary considerably in size from small scale, one-off commissions, to large, multi-million pound schemes, but the complexity of the design is not always related to the size of the project. Our approach is to explore a number of design solutions which can then be tested against cost, construction and time constraints as well as how well they achieve the client's brief and architectural requirements.

Featured Projects