Chartered status awarded to Mike Ford

Within Glanville, our Mission is to create a culture of creative thinking, technical expertise and commitment to excellence. In order to do that we recognise that investment in our team is crucial.

Last month we were delighted when Mike Ford, a key member of our Transport & Highways team, achieved Chartered status with the Institution of Civil Engineers following his successful Professional Review.

Mike has been working towards Chartership with the support of his Supervising Engineer John Hanlon and his colleagues John Birch and Peter Whitehead.

“We’re thrilled for Mike who has well and truly earned this achievement. It’s also a real boost for the whole team. One of our core values is to work as one team to support coach and mentor each other to grow our skills and confidence. This is demonstration of that in action.” Said John Hanlon.

Mike added: “This provides a real sense of personal achievement recognising the hard work and determination that was needed, particularly through what of course has been a mostly very difficult past year or so for everyone.  In a small way this is a tribute to the ‘old man’ who unfortunately passed away a year ago but whose advice and encouragement was invaluable.  Hopefully this encourages others if interested to also ‘go for it’”.