ODEON cinemas, UK

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Our Chartered Engineers and Surveyors carry out routine inspections of all of the ODEON cinemas across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, from the flagship cinema in London’s Leicester Square to Edinburgh, Cardiff, Dublin and over 100 smaller towns and cities.

Glanville has been providing the ODEON with engineering services for almost 20 years in order to assist them with their compliance of the Cinematograph (Safety) Regulations 1955 and subsequent health and safety legislation and regulation. On a predominantly annual basis, we inspect and certify the condition of their cinema ceilings and work alongside the ODEON in their repair.

The cinemas are a mixture of Oscar Deutsch original buildings and refurbishments, converted theatres, high street cinemas and central and out of town multi-plexes. Some of the buildings are listed and of historic and architectural importance and these, along with many of the older buildings, have fibrous plaster ceilings of a more complex and fragile construction than those typically used in later cinemas. These fibrous plaster ceilings are subject to special attention in light of their construction and the particular approach required in respect of the hessian wadding and plaster ties by which they are often supported.

In addition to the ceilings, our surveys require a more general inspection of the building fabric as its condition will impact upon the condition of the ceilings. We work alongside other plaster specialists and the ODEON to ensure the safety of their ceilings. We also inspect the external fixed ladders at all levels to ensure that they are safe and secure in use.