Lauren Whittaker – RICS Land Journal Today Feature

We are very proud of Glanville geomatics surveyor, Lauren Whittaker, who has been featured in an article in the RICS Land Journal today. The article showcases her impressive career trajectory since completing her master’s degree in geospatial and mapping sciences at the University of Glasgow.

As part of the Geomatics team at Glanville, Lauren has worked on projects in a wide variety of locations, each with its unique challenges and rewards. Her role involves a mixture of working on site to collect data and producing and processing plans in the office using computer-aided design (CAD).

Working with clients and the wider professional team, land surveying is a crucial part of many projects, particularly in the early stages. Lauren’s favourite aspect of surveying is working on heritage projects, and she has been lucky enough to work at Kensington and Hampton Court Palaces alike. Her most recent project involved mapping the historic stonework inside the King’s Stairs and Clock Court at Hampton Court. Using a combination of laser scanning and photogrammetry the team produced detailed vector plans of the paving stones, cobbles, and surface condition which were used to help the required restoration and repairs.

Lauren has also carried out topographic surveys in various locations, from a stretch of the A1 at night to the impressive grounds of Wellington College, as well as measured building surveys in places including abandoned buildings and manor houses, often having to clamber onto the roof. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Lauren also carries our river surveys where she has to set up and operate the equipment from a rowing boat! Surveyors commonly use total stations to measure angles and distances, but new technologies are improving the way data is collected, such as laser scanners which allow for more efficient and accurate surveys. Regardless of the technology used, it is crucial to establish a good control network. This is the basis for the survey, and it allows Lauren to spot any errors as well as ensuring that the correct tolerances for the survey as stated in the specification are met.

From working on confidential and contentious sites to dealing with the dynamic environment of rivers, a day in the life of a land surveyor is never dull! It is this variety and the challenge to solve the problems the data throws that keeps Lauren so passionate about her work.

Lauren’s article in RICS Land Journal provides a fascinating insight into the world of geomatics surveying and the diverse range of projects that she has worked on. It is a testament to the importance of accurate and efficient surveying in modern construction and development projects.