Glanville appointed to NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) Framework

Glanville our proud to have been appointed to the NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) Framework, delivering Civil and Structural Engineering services across the NHS.

With over 40 framework agreements that cover clinical, corporate and procurement services, the NHS SBS is the UK’s leading supplier of corporate services to the NHS.

The ‘Healthcare Planning, Construction Consultancy & Ancillary Services (HPCCAS)‘ is the £1.6 billion Construction Consultancy framework agreement managed by NHS SBS. The aim of HPCCAS is to speed up hospital builds and offer the NHS and other public sector organisations a compliant and cost-effective route for procuring construction-related services including architecture, civil and structural engineering and surveying, amongst others.

The NHS in England has 1,500 hospitals, with some buildings pre-dating the launch of the NHS in 1948. It has a combined floor area that would cover the City of London ten times over and owns almost 7 million hectares of land. Without regular renovation the care, safety and wellbeing of patients, hospital staff and the public can be compromised.

Glanville Associate Director, Tim Wellington, said: ‘We are delighted to have been appointed to this innovative framework that will see us offer Civil and Structural Engineering services to the NHS and other public sector bodies. Glanville has built a solid reputation over the last 50 years for working in partnership with our clients to deliver robust solutions and innovative thinking. Our appointment to the NHS SBS framework is a positive step in the growth of our business and is testament to the expertise of strong team we have built.’

The new construction consultancy framework will run from August 2023 until August 2027 and has the potential to save the public sector £240 million as well as prioritising local procurement.