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Values really do count

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Glanville Values

Having been in business for almost 50 years we have a developed our own Glanville culture. We work to a strong set of values that guides our behaviours and yet, until now, these have just formed organically and been ‘what we all do’ rather than anything more formal.

With a new ownership team in place, we decided to capture these values as part of our official Vision, Mission and Values. Core Values are the third element that is crucial to determining a strategy for growth. Put simply, Core Values explain what a business stands for. They capture the culture of a business, what makes it unique and give a framework to that culture so that it can be built upon and strengthened.

There are four core values that we think capture the essence of the Glanville culture. These are as follows, and can all be translated into behaviours that we see on a day to at basis across the organisation:

1 We go above and beyond - By listening intently and taking time to understand our clients’ requirements, we provide a bespoke service that ensures their expectations are exceeded every step of the way.

2 We are one team - We invest in the growth of our talented team to foster a culture of creative thinking, technical expertise and commitment to excellence.’

3 We love what we do - We are a motivated team across all areas of the business and provide opportunities for personal and professional development for everyone. We work seamlessly with professional teams to create long lasting relationships that are built on value and trust.

4 We champion progress - We embrace new technology, ideas, innovations and professional development to enhance the way we work together within the organisation and as part of professional teams.

These Values will become more embedded into Glanville life through job descriptions, appraisals, the recruitment process and objective setting for professional development for our staff. They will also be reflected in the way we engage with our clients and other property professionals we work with.