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The true definition of ‘Team Glanville’

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Team Glanville is a phrase we use a lot. It’s about the bond that we have, the support we give each other, and the values we share. It’s an important part of our team culture, and a phrase that perfectly sums up Office Manager, Karen Josey, who we bade a fond farewell to last month as she heads-off to a retirement in the sunshine.

Karen joined our Hemel Hempstead team back in 2005 and quickly became an integral part of the admin team. Karen is super-organised and highly efficient, meaning she fast became an integral part of the team.

Karen made a natural progression to Office Manager in 2013 and from there proved herself extremely adept at managing many day-to-day aspects of the business, including human resources, marketing, insurance, fleet, pensions, and contracts, all in addition to her traditional administrative work.

Glanville Managing Director, Howard Gell, said;

“Over the last 16 years Karen has been a tower of strength for Glanville, and the team based in Hemel Hempstead in particular, and she will be missed by all.  On behalf of all of Team Glanville, I would like to thank Karen for her amazing contribution to our business.”

All at Team Glanville wish Karen a very happy retirement with partner Steve, and we’ll be thinking of her relaxed and smiling on a sunny beach in Cyprus.