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Team Glanville profile: Marta Delgado, Civil Engineer

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Meet Marta, a Civil Engineer with our Transport & Highways Team based at our Didcot office in Oxfordshire. We asked Marta to tell us about her career path so far and what she finds most interesting (and challenging!) about her job.

Q:                    What made you choose Civil Engineering as a career?

Marta:             At school, in Spain where I grew up, I was always really interested in the more technical subjects. I knew I wanted to do something related to design and engineering but wasn’t sure exactly what. I worked hard and did well in my exams which enabled me to go to University. I looked into the different kinds of engineering courses available and Civil Engineering was the one that really stood out for me. It is such a wide field with lots of different opportunities.

Q:                    Tell us about your current role with Glanville. What does a typical day look like?

Marta:             So, I work as part of the Transport & Highways team as a Civil Engineer. To be honest, there isn’t really such a thing as a typical day, which is what I enjoy about it! I get involved in loads of different aspects of the projects, from preliminary design work to support planning applications to detailed drawings, and from gathering data from local authorities and utility companies to running small projects.

As a team we work on a very diverse range of projects. So, one day I might be undertaking design work and making recommendations to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety. Then the next I might be making improvements to a major road junction or roundabout to increase capacity or assisting with road safety audits and making recommendations to address any problems.

Q:                    What do you enjoy most about your role?

Marta:             For me, it’s all about the variety. As a Civil Engineer, you have to have a broad civil engineering knowledge as the projects often encompass lots of different elements, from drainage to road safety. Being part of a multi-disciplinary company such as Glanville means I also get involved with other teams and engineering disciplines. I feel like it’s really helped to broaden my knowledge and experience, and improve my communication skills.

Q:                    What challenges have you come across?

Marta:             The biggest challenge for me has been learning the technical language. Although I am pretty fluent in English I still do occasionally come across a technical term that I am unfamiliar with. Luckily, my colleagues are really supportive and help me with this. That’s really helped to grow my confidence in speaking with clients or members of the wider professional team. Aside from that, every job can have its own set of challenges. That’s just the nature of the projects. However, I tend to find this makes it all the more interesting and gives me lots of opportunities to grow my experience!

Q:                    What projects are you currently working on?

Marta:             There is quite a few! But one that is particularly interesting at the moment is an access improvement scheme in Edgware, London. On the surface it appears quite straightforward but in order to allow larger vehicles access we’ve got to lower the existing access road by about 100mm. Not a lot you might think, but in London there is an awful lot of services located just below the surface. Minimising the extent of costly service diversions or protection works is making for some interesting design challenges!

Q:                    How about a favourite project?

Marta:             Not sure, I’ve got one favourite! However, I did recently complete a project in Swindon that created additional parking. There wasn’t anything particularly stand-out about it except that I managed the project all the way through from the planning application, dealing with the Local Authority, preparation of detail design and liaising with utility companies. Being involved the whole way a successful project through made it really satisfying.


The Transport & Highways team at Glanville are experts in helping to unlock the development potential of a site through creative thinking and a wealth of experience in tackling transport and highway issues. We have developed a strong reputation for finding innovative yet commercially focused solutions to transport planning or highway engineering problems.

Our experts in transport planning, traffic engineering and highway design provide smart, integrated and sustainable transport solutions to keep traffic flowing. We ensure that people can get to work or their homes safely and easily, both now and in the future, whatever mode of transport they use.

Our aim is to ease congestion, reduce emissions and improve safety whilst ensuring the optimum transport access to a site can be achieved and the on- and off-site impact of any development is appropriately mitigated. Using the latest specialist computer software to model the performance of a range of junction types, we offer a complete traffic modelling and highway design service from initial feasibility, through planning to detailed design and construction supervision.

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