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New online service for Glanville Geomatics clients makes it easier to analyse project data.

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With an exponential increase in demand for 3D scan data and point clouds, Glanville Geomatics have recognised the need to provide a more intuitive online resource for clients to share, view, interrogate and interpret these data sets.

As a result, Glanville now have a new platform that ensures that clients have the ability to fully understand their project within the 3D environment, as well as augmenting their cad drawings and 3D Revit Models.  This resource, running in parallel with the team’s scanning capture capabilities, allows the information to be navigated, visualised, interrogated and shared amongst all of the design team.

John Hallett-Jones, who leads our Geomatics group said, “The new online platform is a real benefit to our clients, enabling them to make more specific and detailed use of the 3D scan data and providing that  extra level of visualisation is now adding real value to each project."