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New housing development at Pease Pottage, West Sussex

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Glanville has been working with the Thakeham Group to deliver a stunning new residential development at Pease Pottage, West Sussex.

Our Transport and Highways team prepared detailed design proposals for a package of off-site highway works as part of the  major residential development that includes over 600 new homes, a primary school, a shop and a coffee shop, a community centre, plenty of parks and a pavilion.

We undertook a detailed review of the findings of the Transport Assessment that accompanied the planning application, to determine whether all of the highway works recommended therein were completely necessary. This review focused on whether the cumulative impacts of the development were severe rather than trying to achieve nil-detriment as a measure of performance.

Through detailed modelling, Glanville successfully demonstrated that some of the recommended improvements offered little or no benefit and could therefore be omitted from the scheme. These findings have now been accepted by West Sussex County Council’s highway authority and the works are programmed to start this summer.

Meanwhile, our Structural Engineering team have provided structural design services to the construction of the £4M new primary school to serve the new community which will open in September. The school will cater for 210 pupils in 5 state of the art classrooms and early years nursery. The development also features an 18m² main hall, library, multi-functional space and a special educational needs room.

Developer: Thakeham Group