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Life as a graduate at Glanville

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As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, Glanville employs graduates across Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Transport & Highways, Geomatics, Land Surveying and Building Surveying. Our graduates gain experience in projects of all types and sizes as their careers progress. In this blog, Charlotte Salt shares her experiences of life as a graduate at Glanville.

During the year placement I progressed from working on simpler CAD drawings and planning reports under the supervision of an engineer, to being given greater responsibility and using the skills I had developed to work on increasingly more complex projects, as well as getting involved with detailed design work. By the end of the year I felt I had gained a really broad experience of the sector, which helped confirm to me that this was the area of Civil Engineering I wanted to continue working in when I graduated.

Flexible working
When I returned to university for the final year of my undergraduate degree, I continued to work for Glanville on a part-time remote basis. The flexibility given to me by Glanville under this arrangement enabled me to assess and commit the time I needed for my studies on a week-by-week basis, whilst also enabling me to keep in touch with colleagues and continue to gain valuable industry experience through the course of the year.

On the job learning
Once I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, I returned to Glanville as a Graduate Engineer. I started working on a part-time basis for two years whilst I studied part-time for my Master’s degree. Glanville gave me the flexibility and support to enable me to combine my work and studies effectively during this time and, after completing the taught part of my Master’s course, I made the transition into working on a full-time basis. Completing my Master’s in this way meant that I could benefit from on-the-job learning and gain real industry experience alongside my formal studies, whilst earning a salary.

Gaining experience
During this time, I have been encouraged by Glanville to expand my technical knowledge on a wide range of projects and to challenge myself by taking on more complex projects. I have taken on greater responsibilities in both project and financial management, as well as taking a lead role in communicating with clients, attending meetings, site visits, networking and school outreach events.

Why Glanville
Working in a medium-sized consultancy such as Glanville has given me the opportunity to take on more responsibility and be involved in the development of the business at an earlier stage in my career than I would have been able to in a bigger firm. Glanville has also provided the support and flexibility in order to combine my degree studies with work, and working on a wide variety of projects, often closely with other disciplines within the office, has enabled me gain broad experiences and technical expertise right from the start.”

If you are interested in a graduate career with Glanville click here to see what vacancies we currently have at our Didcot or Hemel Hempstead offices, or Contact Sandie Reid at our Oxfordshire Office