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At the heart of the Arc…2050 and beyond!

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The arching sweep of land between Oxford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge known as the Oxford-Cambridge Arc or ‘knowledge corridor’, has been identified by the National Infrastructure Commission as a unique opportunity for the area to become an economic asset of international standing – a place that demonstrates the very best of British business and innovation for the benefit of local communities and the country as a whole.

With offices close to both Oxford and Hemel Hempstead, Glanville is strategically placed to help local authorities, land promoters and developers deliver the ambitious target of up to a million new homes, new offices and infrastructure proposed along the Oxford-Cambridge Arc over the next 30 years.

Strategic vision for the Oxford-Cambridge Arc

The Oxford-Cambridge Arc is a strategic vision that aims to deliver up to one million new homes by 2050, the completion of East West Rail, an Oxford to Cambridge expressway, underpinning growth and improving the environment for future generations.  Realising this potential will mean more jobs, of a higher quality, for existing communities and future residents and can encourage international investment and exports for the benefit of local businesses and the national economy.

Policy pillars

The Government has established new teams and developed a coordinated way of working across the Arc that includes working with local partners to unlock the area’s potential through identifying four inter-related policy pillars:

  • Productivity – ensuring businesses are supported to maximise the Arc’s economic prosperity, including through the skills needed to enable communities to benefit from the jobs created
  • Place-making – creating places valued by local communities, including through the delivery of sufficient, affordable and high-quality homes, to increase affordability and support growth in the Arc, as well as wider services including health and education
  • Connectivity – delivering the infrastructure communities need, including transport and digital connectivity, as well as utilities
  • Environment – ensuring growth is achieved while leaving the environment in a better state for future generations

Development in the Arc

The Arc already contains globally renowned universities and business parks, which sit at the heart of an ever expanding and internationally recognised centre for business, science and technology.   Glanville has and continues to act for the likes of Oxford University, MEPC at a number of its business parks across the Arc, Granta Park in Cambridge as well as numerous land promotors who control significant parcels of land which will contribute to the overall growth in sustainable housing provision and economic development across the Arc up to 2050 and beyond.

Road and rail infrastructure

Transport infrastructure plays a major part in the Arc’s vision. The proposed Oxford-Cambridge Expressway would shorten journey times from East to West, taking up to 40 minutes off the journey time between the A34 south of Oxford and the M1. An announcement is expected shortly as to the preferred alignment of the Expressway. With involvement in a number of significant development schemes in the locality, Glanville awaits with interest the decision as to whether the route will pass to the north or south of Oxford and whether the onward route aligns with East West Rail.

Tim Foxall, Director of Transport and Highways at Glanville’s Oxfordshire Office, notes that:

‘In the absence of either a clearly defined structure of governance and defined planning and place making policies, there are clearly profound challenges in delivering the ambitious targets for growth across the Arc. However, the economic rewards for continuing to pursue and overcome the challenges are greater still, with the opportunity to deliver much needed housing and commercial growth which adopts the many innovative technologies emerging from the world class science and technology industries for which the UK is known.

Glanville is excited to be at the very heart of the Arc and to be acting on behalf of clients who are actively engaged in seeking to help deliver the ambition of truly sustainable new development, adopting leading edge new technologies in so doing.’

Glanville and the Arc

Given our location, knowledge of the area and experience, Glanville welcomes the opportunity to discuss future opportunities for the provision of pre and post planning engineering and surveying consultancy services with those who are both already in the Arc and those who want to be part of it. Contact Tim Foxall