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25 years and counting for Glanville stalwart

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What were you doing on 10th July 1995? For young graduate, Graeme Turner, it was a big day as it marked his first day with Glanville & Associates (as we were known back then) with the Transport & Planning team.

Fast forward 25 years and were delighted to throw a socially distanced celebration last Friday, 10th July 2020, to celebrate Graeme's 25th 'Glaniversary'.

Graeme remembers well the events that led up to him joining Glanville.

“Back then jobs for graduates were few and far between as the country was still clawing its way out of a deep recession. My Mum showed me the advert which had been posted in a local newspaper and suggested I give Glanville a call. I had nothing to lose so submitted an application, attended an interview and was offered a job as a Graduate Engineer - 25 years on and I’m still here!

Obviously, the company is pretty different to what it was back then. When I joined, you could comfortably sit the entire office round a couple of desks and there was only one computer. But some things haven't changed much at all - the family feel for example is still very much there."

25 years is a long time, in fact, Graeme joined before some of our current team were even born! We think one of our core strengths is the diversity of skills and experience are team bring to each and every project. Graeme is testament to that and we are honoured that he chose to build his career with us.