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Team effort pays off!

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This week, Aylesbury Vale District Council resolved unanimously to grant outline planning permission for 273 new homes in Haddenham.

The project is a great demonstration of Glanville’s multi-disciplinary skills. Since 2016 we’ve provided a range of services including topographical surveying, transport planning highway engineering and civil engineering.

The comprehensive Transport & Flood Risk Assessments we completed were key in addressing local concerns and ensured there were no objections from the relevant technical consultees.

A particular challenge was the variable ground conditions of the site that required us to design a sustainable drainage strategy that utilises infiltration for the disposal of surface water run-off to ground. This is supplemented by the restricted discharge to local watercourses for run-off in those parts of the site where high groundwater prevents the use of infiltration techniques at certain times of the year. Restricting the discharge to pre-development rates will reduce flood risk downstream. Further flood mitigation is to be provided in the form of a cut-off drain to intercept overland flows from higher ground to the north of the site and a ditch to safeguard existing properties to the south.